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What Home Builders Think Most of in 2017

The second largest industry today when it comes to small businesses thriving in Australia is the construction industry, according to the Australian Building Codes Board. Of course, these companies’ ventures are far from small, having to adhere to the required standards in providing only quality to those who want to realize their dream homes. Companies such as Aveling Homes will need to consider aspects like safety and sustainability, and this is aside from making their client the happiest.

Now that we’re in 2017, we have seen a lot when it comes to technological innovations in constructing homes and buildings. Constructions works done within a few weeks or months are not a surprise anymore, but the quality one gets from builders in Perth is something a client should still monitor well.

Wondering what are in the builders’ minds today as they enter into a project and execute it? Let us give you our tips.

The Right People in the Team

The building company’s best assets are their competent people to look over the architectural and engineering aspects of the project. Salespeople, project managers and coordinators are also important in the business and their roles naturally may overlap. That is why they are what firms like Aveling Homes are keen on investing in. The important thing is once you talk to the home builders Perth has, the experts themselves directly involved in designing your building structure should present to you a plan that addresses the following:

– a building that adapts to the zoning/location

– design-wise, a building that addresses durability issues while retaining the client’s desired design as accurately as possible

Classification of Zone 

Of course, before the builder even accepts the project, the builder needs to assess whether your proposed construction is viable for the zoning classification of your area. If you are in a commercial area, some practices might be prohibited such as certain drainage systems and waste management. There are land uses and building types that might be prohibited whether you are in an industrial, agricultural, residential or commercial area.

Pipeworks, Wireworks, the Nitty-Gritties

Here is where the coordinators of the building company get busy. The coordinators will need to contact the surveyors to assess necessary aspects of the location. In the building process, there should be a clear timetable, a part of what you need to check when the builders present their plan. A definite slot for that time plan should be one allotted for the surveyors. The surveyors have their own schedules like those to assess on fire safety, health and piping systems, depending on what you need in the part of your area.

The Design

It helps for a client to know what he/she wants (somehow) before getting a builder. While the designing process might be one that the builders enjoy most in their jobs, don’t depend on that. Do your research about the possibilities of realizing your project on its feasibility. Are you living on a slope or a residential block? Have you checked if it is earthquake or storm prone? Do you want to incorporate something you desire like in terms of green practices? How about financial considerations? Then don’t just depend on the builders on finding your options and try to narrow them yourself down – if you find this fun, well good for you as it can also ease your builder’s work. It can also cushion financial drawbacks you might encounter such as when you’d need to coordinate with an insurance or lending company. Remember though that yours are just options, and experts will have the final say on what’s viable in home building.


The builders today mainly think about the financial quotes to work on, which is never out of the picture. The builder undergoes different stages of financial considerations from bidding of their suppliers, permitting processes, materials’ specifications to having to talk to you, before he even gets to this point of presenting a quote. Meanwhile, you as client can check the items in the builder’s proposed quotes. Ask for any part you’re not sure of. Some materials’ prices there are only estimates and you might go way over budget if you don’t find out the final prices. Check their updated quote regularly as the project progresses.

As modern builders, builders in Perth WA like Aveling Homes or Ventura or Prima consider many things that make their work quite interesting today. People of this generation value functionality more than ever, knowing that there are innovative ways to go green, save space and with the recession going for about 2 years now. Annual tax considerations of the property also take into account in the final decisions of clients. Now that you know what’s in your builder’s head, go have a pleasant negotiation with them.

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