Thursday, July 9

Must-Have Fire, Electrical, and Online Security Measures for Offices

You’ve already invested a fortune on company vehicles, office equipment, workplace furniture pieces, and digital assets. To keep and maximize them for a long time, it’s a must to set up an efficient safely measure to protect them. Installing fire and smoke alarms from is a great way to start. On top of that, it’s also wise to streamline the safety of the two important aspects of your commercial property – building and online presence.

Fire Prevention

An office fire could happen due to improper handling of flammable chemicals or objects. It could also be due to faulty wirings or natural calamities. To prevent these situations from happening, do the following:

  1. Install smoke detectors
  2. Check or control the objects that can be brought inside the office
  3. Label and store flammable objects and chemicals properly
  4. Declutter and clean the office regularly
  5. Have fire extinguishers at strategic areas of the office
  6. Implement a fire emergency guideline that’s easy to understand
  7. Identify individuals to handle the fire safety training, evacuation, and emergency response
  8. Designate a smoking area
  9. Have the building checked for any structural inefficiencies

Electrical Safety

Faulty wiring could also be the cause of fire emergencies in the office. Although this can form part of the fire safety protocol, electrical safety can be taken as a totally different initiative. Why so? You can prevent a lot of emergencies, especially fire and work-related injuries, with a solid electrical safety measure. Apply these tips to get started:

  1. Have your wiring installed and checked by experts, such as those you’ll find at
  2. Arrange and wrap power cords with fire-proof, water-proof material
  3. Post appliance use guidelines (e.g. time of use, best practices in turning them off and on and plugging them in and out, etc.) at visible areas of the office
  4. Use appliances, gadgets, and electronics with the right voltage
  5. Have your office wiring checked regularly by a professional


Transitioning to an online process means cost-efficiency and speed. However, you also have to face the fact that hackers could prey on your digital assets. To strengthen your cyber-security, the following measures are highly recommended:

  1. Use HTTPS on your site
  2. Use strong passwords and authentication methods
  3. Invest in genuine software and update it regularly
  4. Avail of cloud security, data back-up, and other IT solutions
  5. Be cautious about the company details you post online
  6. Hire experts who can manage your software and hardware assets
  7. Limit downloads
  8. Secure your internet connection with firewall security
  9. Raise your employees’ awareness of cyber-security
  10. Create and implement an effective incident response process for online security issues

Setting up safety measures in the office is also one of the ways to raise your team’s morale. Through this initiative, your employees would feel a lot safer and confident in getting their tasks done. Once they’d feel at ease in the office, they’ll also become more productive and punctual, which is needed for your company’s overall success.

The tips provided above are the basic and must-have ones to get started with. Feel free to visit to get in touch with professional electricians who can help ensure you have a safe electrical system in place.