How to Choose the Right Automatic Gate for Your Property

If you are one of those who wants the best automatic gates for their property, then you are on the right page. Protecting your home isn’t the only goal that one must have. Adding value to the property as well as convenience must also be on the bucket list. To get these highlights, you need to know this basic helpful guide to installing an automatic gate.

Things to Consider

Especially if you are located in the busy highly industrialised area of Leicestershire, you get to have the best gate for your driveway installed not only for security but for curb appeal as well. The following are the primary factors that you need to look at as you shop for automatic gates Market Harborough, Loughborough, or Leicester can offer. For information about driveway gates, visit Magtec Electric Gates, a provider of gates, bollards and barriers, railings, and fence automation.

Type of Material the Gate is made of

Automatic gates aren’t only made with sophisticated access codes and cards. They can also be made with various types of materials.

Wooden Gate – Who says only iron gates are made to last? Gates made of the finest hardwood can also last 50 years or more as long as they are pure hardwood and are treated with high-quality wood treatment products.

Installing a wooden gate not only gives a strong curb appeal but a guaranteed privacy as it is crafted of close planks of wood, which gives an opaque appearance. If you want the best wooden automatic gates Loughborough or the entire Leicestershire can offer, search for Magtec Electric Gates, an expert in gate installation anywhere in Leicestershire. Visit at

Iron Gate – This type of gate is the most commonly used as a barrier for both residential and commercial properties. It is because of the fact that iron (especially wrought iron) is known to be resistant to rust and corrosion, which makes it long-lasting.

Types of Gates

There are two different types of automatic gates namely, the swing gate and the slide gate.

Swing Gate – this type of gate is best for flat terrains and locations far from traffic. This can be made as a single-swing gate or a bi-parting one, depending on the location and width of the gate opening.

Slide Gate – This is the most versatile gate as long as the terrain is a concern. It has a lot of benefits such as saving space, convenience, and efficiency. Just make sure that you only contact the most trustworthy sliding automatic gates Leicester provider or gate installer in the whole of Leicestershire.

Ways to Open the Gate

There are several ways to open and close automatic gates. It can be a remote control, passcode through a keypad entry, biometric scanning, electronic key, or a swipe card.

Whichever you prefer, you need a preprogrammed set of codes that will be used to make those electronic media open and close your automatic gate. The remote control, passcode, and biometric scan are more personalized compared to swipe cards and electronic keys as they are accessed by unique codes which you or anyone you allow knowing. For more information, visit their website at:

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